Blissfully Birth


Reiki is an energy balancing system developed in Japan over 100 years ago. Reiki balances the body's energy field and energy centers or chakras. Any one, regardless of age may benefit from Reiki. Is is used as an alternative or complementary therapy and can be effective in helping people heal from illness, injury, surgery, and/or emotional stress. 

Many hospitals, nursing homes, and wellness centers offer Reiki to their patients, however, it is not meant to take the place of medical care provided by physicians. I do not diagnose conditions, nor prescribe medicine or perform medical treatment.

Notes from Hawayo Takata regarding pregnancy and childbirth:

(Takata was one of the original Grand Masters of Reiki)

"These babies who had had Reiki before they were born were very healthy, and their mothers had easy labors. Some of them even told me they had no pain during labor, and it seemed very easy when they were receiving Reiki during this period. In the classes I lectured on how easy the birth would be if they had received their treatments during pregnancy so their organs would be functioning well. I said many times if they used Reiki and the body was in good condition, they would have painless childbirth."

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